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EXHIBITION - The first time:

My first Beatles exhibition took place in May 2000 in the "Villa Waldrich", Siegen. This is a good reason for me to include some infor-mation on what was for me a very important event.

Stylish ambience ...
Four weekends in May, the Liverpooler were guests in Siegens historical Villa Waldrich, was the Mersey Sound visitor to the Sieg. The newly renovated villa gave this exhibition the right ambience and the special flair.

Astonished visitors ...
More than 700 visitors showed interest

and were elated by the variety of exhibition objects which were presented with much love for detail. Books, videos, music magazines, Star-Club-Souveniers and, and, and. Beatles right, left and center! Musical background was provided by Beatles-Hits of 1962 until 1970.

My guests...
During the exhibition I discovered many new friends. The guestbook reflects a nice recollection of the whole event.The charming and also amusing entries show that many visitors were also infected by the "Beatles virus". For example, Wolfgang Suttner, Culture Consultant of Siegen-Wittgenstein and
initiator of the Art Exposition "Paul McCartney paintings" - Yesterday wrote... And The Beatles Are NOT Far Away!

and a pleased organizer!
At the end I would like to thank everybody who helped that exhibition take place. Special thanks to the advertising agency CONCEPTION who made the premises available and to my Beatles-Pal from Siegen, Michael Neuser, who has published the exhibition on this web-page.
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